GOHRGoal Oriented Health Record
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The first sub-42 clocking came a couple of weeks before the 1980 Moscow Olympics when Romy Muller, Barbel Wockel, Ingrid Auerswald and Gohr recorded 41.85 in Potsdam, and the same team progressed to 41.60 at the Games.
Middle School Principal Rob Gohr said, "I was able to listen in as one of our speakers described what it was like growing up in a time when there were no shopping centres.
With great flare, wit, and political bite, Michelle Ashley Gohr examines the myth of vagina dentata --the castrating "vagina-with-teeth"--in science fiction, vampire tales, and contemporary video games.
Some Arabic proverbs have their counterpart in the English language: "la yuldagh el mo'men min gohr maratayn (the faithful is not stung twice)" which has the same meaning as "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."
Names like 'Foghorn' MacDonald and 'Wee' MacGregor, 'Red' Gohr and 'Bacon Rind' King sound like they come right out of someone's screenplay, yet they were here in 1909 and staked a few claims.
"This support agreement allows PAI to offer services to Eurocopter's extensive distribution network of around 20 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide, associating the performance of a lean MRO organization to the product experience and warranties of the OEM," says Martin Gohr, American Eurocopter Strategic Purchasing Director.
Thus, what it describes as "Zarathustra's elemental body-substance" (an i Zarduxst tan gohr) (9) fell from the sky with rain, entered the earth, then entered plants that were eaten by two cows who, as a result, began to produce a miraculously pure milk that Pourusaspa and Duydow would ultimately drink before conceiving their son.
In an interview with Siegfried Gohr, Baselitz explained: "For me the problem consisted of not creating anecdotal, descriptive pictures ...