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GOIGovernment Of India
GOIGet Over It (chat)
GOIGovernment of Iraq
GOIGlobal Object Identification
GOIGovernment Of Indonesia
GOIGovernment of Israel
GOIGovernment of Ireland
GOIGulf Oil International
GOIGene of Interest
GOIGross Operating Income
GOIGate Oxide Integrity
GOIGain on Ignition
GOIGerman Overseas Institute (est. 1964)
GOIGynecol Obstet Invest
GOIGoa, India - Dabolim (Airport Code)
GOIGuardians of Islam (gaming clan)
GOIGeneral Operating Instruction
GOIGlobal Outreach Foundation Rwanda Programme
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Elsewhere on the cac mon an choi, or appetizer, portion of the menu, we found cha goi (fried egg rolls, $3.
Goi said he visited GT Solar once in order to describe VRV's technology and production capacity and that he was involved in only limited discussions of the purchase agreement.
CRISIL believes that GoI will retain its majority stake in PFC; the company will also continue to play a critical role in implementing GoI policies related to financing the Indian power sector.
Produce actionable intelligence and evidence, and transition the legacy detainee population to GoI.
Increasing the annual MQY has proven effective in increasing average yields, while deterring diversion, since, if the MQY is too low, farmers could clandestinely divert excess opium they produce into illicit channels, where traffickers often pay up to ten times what the GOI can offer.
Gio Goi eyewear is designed to suit individuals whatever your face-shape with each frame given its own name and style.
A distance of about three kilometers from Pariak through Goi to Malek (south of Bor Town) is too muddy, favorable only during dry season.
Five wells (KG-8, KG-15, KG-16, KG-17 & KG-28) have been notified to the GOI as discovery wells on this block.
GT Solar, a Merrimack, New Hampshire-based company, filed the case against PPP-E Vice President, Fabrizio Goi, a resident of Milan, Italy.
On the protocol for surgical intervention for rehabilitation (SIR): We suggest CLDGOI to adopt and communicate officially, the guidelines for selection of referral patients suggested by ILEP (1) and procedures for supervised pre- and post-operative therapy (2) as a part of Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation (DPMR) of GOI.
Hiroo Saionji, president of the World Peace Prayer Society, and his wife, Masami Saionji, chairwoman of the GOI Peace Foundation, will join Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, diplomats, environment groups and religious leaders in opening Earth Week in Batangas City, 111 kilometers south of Manila, environment officials said.
The GOI and the PA should reaffirm their commitment to existing agreements and undertakings and should immediately implement an unconditional cessation of violence.