GOICGulf Organization for Industrial Consulting
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GOIC Secretary General Abdulaziz bin Hamad Al-Ageel gave a keynote speech in which he highlighted the Gulf industrial sector development.
According to GOIC, the size of manpower in the Gulf in the industrial sector is 10 percent.
There are many challenges facing the Gulf industrial sector, noted GOIC, foremost low contributions of small and medium-sized industries in the overall industrial output despite their importance in creation of jobs and economic growth.
The Doha-based GOIC, in a study released Sunday, said Saudi Arabia's share
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Ahmed bin Hassan al-Dheeb, Commerce and Industry Ministry's Undersecretary for Commerce and Industry and member of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) Board left here today heading to the sisterly State of Qatar to take part in the 88th regular meeting of the GOIC Board due to be held tomorrow (Wednesday) in Doha.
Finally, GOIC, which is specialized in making overall statistics on the
The meeting is organized by the Doha-based GOIC here under the patronage of
The meeting will also discuss the latest developments in relation to the unified rules project to give priority for governmental purchases to national products in the AGCC states, Gulf Joint Projects Coordination Committee, in addition to the operational programme report of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) for the first quarter of 2011, as well as, GOIC report on Cooperation between the AGCC States and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
Al-Aqeel highlighted the role GOIC played in encouraging the member
AaAaAaAa In which, a number of experts from GOIC will give lectures during the course, will touch on the industrial data and its applications, international industrial and merchandise classifications and their applications, industrial surveys, applicable forms and how to workout indicators by using Excel Programme, in addition to, reviewing the experience of GOIC.
GOIC was founded in 1976 by the member states of the Gulf Cooperation