GOLOSGeneral Office Line of Sight
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Central Election Commission chief Vladimir Churov said statements by Golos had "nothing to do with reality.
Russian non-governmental monitoring group, Golos, to discourage its
I want to say that in this situation, as in all other situations, Russia's position is pro-Russian and not pro-Iranian, pro-American or some other one," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in an interview with the radio station Golos Rossii (Voice of Russia).
Brandenberger has reprinted and translated a selection of jokes from the anthology The Kremlin and the People compiled by Evgenii Andreevich and published in 1951 apparently by the anti-communist Munich weekly Golos naroda.
GolOs yields, or average fare per kilometer flown, plunged 30 percent in the third quarter as the Sao Paulo-based airline sought to win customers from larger competitor Tam SA and discounters such as David NeelemanOs Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras.
Sinyavsky's later works include Golos iz khora (1973; A Voice from the Chorus) and Spokoynoy nochi (1984; Goodnight
Golos must have thrown a lifeline to countless Eastern-European organists not allowed to travel but aware that their instrument and its music constitute the oldest and biggest of all solo repertories.
Finally, she provides statistical data on newspaper circulation, censorship punishment, and newspaper contents by topic for major dailies such as Golos, Peterburgskii listok, Novoe vremia, and Birzhevye vedomosti.
If you're not sure exactly what you want in a new home, make two lists - what you need and what you desire," says Lila Golos, a real-estate agent in Athens, Ohio.
During his time in prison Sinyavsky wrote a study of Pushkin as well as the material -- consisting of notes and letters mailed to his wife -- that he shaped into perhaps his best book, Golos iz khora (1973; translated as A Voice from the Chorus, 1976), after he was released.
Summary: Moscow: Russia may take legal action to shut down a prominent election monitor group, Golos, .