GOMCGulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment (established in 1989)
GOMCGet Off My Case
GOMCGreater Ozark Mustang Club (Missouri)
GOMCGrumpy Old Men's Club (Australia)
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In June of 2014, a pilot team from the University participated in the GOMC for the first time.
In addition to the required post-campaign report for Google, the pilot group wrote a critical reflection on their experiences during the GOMC, covering the following areas:
Qualitative analysis of the critical reflections revealed overwhelmingly positive endorsements of the GOMC experience and highlighted strengths and areas of improvement for future implementation.
In order to evaluate student perspectives on learning outcomes, an online survey was administered to all students that participated in the GOMC (n = 15).
In addition to assessing students' perceptions of specific learning outcomes, the survey investigates: the students' approach toward the GOMC (engagement, enjoyment, enthusiasm, amount of time dedicated) and student implementation preferences (client assigned or self-selected, ideal team size, usefulness of critical reflection).
The two final items (28 and 29) were open response items targeting the most liked aspects of the GOMC and suggestions for improvement.
Before describing how the GOMC was integrated with the course content in our MBA MIS course, here is a basic explanation of how the GOMC and Google AdWords campaigns are structured.
First, professors registered their classes for the GOMC on the Google Website (URL for 2009 http://services.google.com/events/marketing_challenge_2009).
To accommodate the global nature of the GOMC, a team's campaign could run any three consecutive weeks during the February to May time frame (later extended through June).
However, due to course scheduling conflicts, the class that participated in GOMC 2008 had only 10 students.
4.2.4 The three-week campaigns: The GOMC initially allowed teams to run their campaigns during any three consecutive weeks from February 10, 2008 through May 24, 2008.
As MBA students, the class was familiar with writing business plans, executive summaries, and recommendations, and readily grasped the structure provided by the GOMC for the reports.