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GOMIGulf of Maine Institute
GOMIGlobal Ozone Monitoring Instrument
GOMIGulf of Mexico Initiative (US NASA)
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Gomi H, Solomkin JS, Takada T, Strasberg SM, Pitt HA, Yoshida M, et al.
Meanwhile, a large number of women and children at Gomi Bai Ladies Club organised different activities of Mehndi, dance among others.
Ohashi I, Ina H, Okada Y, Yoshida T, Gomi N, Himeno Y, Hanafusa K, Shibuya H.
Hirofumi Gomi, an advisor at law firm, Nishimura & Asahi, said consolidation is necessary for regional banks to survive as the number of borrowers in the nation is reducing.
Gomi, "Morning rise of blood pressure assessed by home blood pressure monitoring is associated with left ventricular hypertrophy in hypertensive patients receiving long-term antihypertensive medication," Hypertension Research, vol.
Takuma Gomi, whose dramatic solo home run in the top of the sixth had given Japan a 3-2 victory over Mexico in the international championship Saturday, lined an RBI single.
The governmental military and security bodies shall give priority to GOMI when they intend to purchase their needs of arms, ammunition, equipment, machinery, and vehicles as well as services that fall within the organization's activities," the Cabinet said.
According to Reutersa[euro](tm) insiders, Cerberus intends to propose that Hirofumi Gomi, a former commissioner of the Japanese financial regulator, and two others join Seibu's board and Japan Posta[euro](tm)s former president Masaharu Ikuta and Yuji Shirakawa of Aozora Bank Ltd (TYO:8304) join the management team.
Like Thornton, Gibson envisioned culture as a growing junk pile, using the Japanese term gomi in his 1986 short story "The Winter Market," defining it as "garbage, kipple, refuse, the sea of cast-off goods our century floats on," and asking, "Where does the gomi stop and the world begin?
The claims emerge in a book written by Yoji Gomi, a journalist with Tokyo Shimbun, who said he exchanged emails with Kim Jong-nam over seven years, The Guardian reports.
The comments come in a book by Yoji Gomi, a Japanese journalist who says he built a relationship with Jong-Nam after the pair met in Beijing in 2004.