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GONADSGeographical and Oceanographic Navigation Administration and Department of Sea-travel (UK)
GONADSGaming Ordinators National Association Of Developing Systems (fictional decline of video gaming)
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Internal Anatomy: Ultrasonography is done for the presence of uterus, impalpable gonads in the inguinal canal, renal anomalies and adrenals.
In the same way functional hermaphroditism was observed in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus with gonads predominantly female and areas of each gonad containing some tubules with stages of spermatogenesis and mature sperm as well as mature ova (Gonor, 1973).
Studies on the effect of unilateral eyestalk ablation in maturation of gonads of a freshwater prawn Macrobrachium dayanum.
In the female fetus the primary sex organs to be visualized to reach diagnosis include: mammary gland, nipples, vulva/clitoris, and gonads. The fetal mammary gland can be visualised in the pubic region and appears triangular or trapezoidal in shape and uniformly echodense.
Gonads of the developing phase, observed in still larger females that had a mean TL of 257.2 mm (SD 35.1), a mean BW of 828.5 g (SD 193.6), were the most variable in terms of the size and weight of the gonads, and having a mean GW of 213.5 g (SD 142.5) and a mean GSI of 28.9% (SD 7.6).
The isolation of total RNA was performed from 10 mg of tissue using the PureLink RNA Mini Kit (Thermo Fisher) for the liver, body kidney, and gonads, while the RNeasy Fibrous Tissue Mini Kit (Qiagen) was used for the 20 mg of white muscle and anal fin following the manufacturer's protocol.
For Katla, Pb was exceeded the recommended value provided by FAO/WHO whereas Cd and Ni were within the guidelines except for Cd in the gonad. According to Ahmed et al.
Monthly gonads mature female (> 28 mm) were used for histological examination to determine different stages of oocyte development.
Microscopic examination of gonads is essential to determine the accurate sex.
Palpable or non-palpable gonads, genital skin pigmentation, electrolytes, patient age at presentation, and family history are key clinical issues at initial evaluation.