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GONGOGovernment-Organized Nongovernmental Organization
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ENGO and GONGO websites invite the public to attend activities, observe nature, learn new things, get trained, and document problems and solutions.
26) "Percy", the director of one GONGO who was interviewed, recalled that his colleagues allowed a foreign entrepreneur to invest RMB1 million to set up dyeing factories near the Pearl River Delta Region, which involved exploitation of natural resources and the dumping of industrial wastes into the waters.
In China, the 1990s saw a dramatic increase in the creation of oxymoronic "government-organized non-governmental organizations," or GONGOs.
These strongmen were a revealing mutation of the GONGO idea mentioned above: rather than pretending to be civil society advocates, for the first time, the regime was using thugs--a sign they felt they were losing control.
Tunisia is also among a group of states that has pioneered the establishment of GONGOs -- government-organized "non-governmental" organizations --Aa to act as a front for the government.
While Erdoy-an was busy creating GONGOs to his liking, he also not only used the public power and resources of various NGOs, but connected the NGOs directly to his office, thus attempting a complete takeover of the civil society arena.
Tais atividades se desenvolviam ate o momento em que as luzes da sala eram gradualmente reduzidas e a musica era interrompida e substituida pelo som de gongos que, soando por tres vezes, anunciava o inicio da projecao dos filmes.
While proponents of soft-power and those seeking to empower civil society often talk about the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the simple truth across the Arab Middle East, Turkey, and Iran is that there are few if any true NGOs; most are instead GONGOs, government-operated NGOs.
There were however, self-proclaimed alleged "activists" from government-oriented NGOs, that are called GONGOs, attempting to convince the international community that Egypt has embarked upon a new journey to democratisation.
BCHR alleged that several of the 22 nominees held government appointments or were linked to bodies accused by it of operating as government fronts or GONGOs, such as Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, Jurists Society and Association of Public Freedoms and Human Rights.
scholars refer to as GONGOs, or "government-organized
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