GONWGovernment Office for the North West (UK)
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When challenged, the GONW provided a break-down of the posts with the majority coming from the Home Office and DWP.
But, when asked to provide the numbers of jobs that had been lost to the region, the GONW said it could not provide them as they were held by individual departments.
The Daily Post presented its estimates to the GONW, but the figures were not rebutted.
But Liverpool councillor Steve Radford, who has taken up the issue, said moving so many jobs to Manchester would be counter-productive and the city needed a GONW presence to assist its economic growth.
The organisation underwent a number of incarnations before becoming the Government Office for Merseyside, which merged into GONW in 1998.
Mr Tinkler said yesterday that the group now had a "six-month window of opportunity to safeguard jobs" and said he was keen to work with the GONW.
But yesterday The Daily Post learned that GONW had applied for more time to assess the matter.
Last night, a spokesman for GONW said: "We have applied for more time to consider the application because of its size.
First4Kirkby leader Tony Barton said he was pleased GONW was taking its time.
Keith Barnes, Regional Director of the GONW, said: ``There are big changes coming in the gambling industry.
But in a report to Wirral Council's economic regeneration and planning strategy committee the authority's deputy chief executive Jim Wilkie said: ``Wirral Waterfront thus faces a match funding issue that could seriously jeopardise its ability to take up the full Measure 19 allocation awarded by GONW and deliver those schemes not yet underway.
Mr Wilkie said the council was pushing the NWDA and GONW to resolve the problem, and had been told to continue developing the schemes.