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GOODPUTGood Quality Output
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d] is expressed as the average goodput also originating from the secondary users.
In Table 7, Goodput gain results for both type-A and B networks are shown.
The reason of goodput decreasing that using higher velocity mobile user spends less time in access operating area.
4% of the theoretical striping throughput, but the total goodput ranged between 69 Mbit/s and 80 Mbit/s.
The overall effect, as will be seen in the section "Performance Evaluation Results," is the desynchronization of congestion windows from different connections, which, in turn, leads to improvement of TCP goodput.
Goodput Analysis of a Fluid Queue with Selective Discarding and a Responsive Bursty Source",IEEE Conference on computer and communication, pp: 166-176.
Their results demonstrate the merits of the proposed scheme with a 16% increase in goodput while end-to-end delay is reduced by 37% when compared with SMS and the necessity of QoS-aware multipath routing schemes in MANETs becomes more apparent.
Then three-node and two-level model of the goodput can be expressed by the (13) formula.
Performance metric such as goodput, delay, jitter and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) were analysed.
So while the software I was using is not on general release, it is clearly possible to implement simple software-only UDP transfer applications that can balance reliability with speed to find a maximum goodput.
The result is the application-level goodput, the real throughput, which user can get through data transmission.