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GOOFGood Only on Friday
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And here is the definition of a goof by the Oldest Member, referring to golf but you can insert whatever passionate pursuit you choose:"A goof," repeated the Sage.
But weallneed hope - a chink of light however dim; a possibility of goof however uncertain; a possible way forward.
Mock studies the evolutionary stability of monogamy, and he wondered whether the males in the lucky nests would "goof off and participate in skirt chasing."
The innovation sent employees a clear message that Friday was the one day of the week when it was acceptable--nay, advisable--to goof off, take long lunches, and get caught up on Rotisserie League baseball.
he'd shrivel up into a curly blond-haired dust bunny and blow away on the Santa Ana winds...." (The late word-maven Ted Bernstein was all over this goof forty years ago when he wrote in More Language That Needs Watching (Channel Press): "This kid needs straightening out.
Jobs did make one spectacular storage goof ten years ago, when he equipped his NeXT computer with only a 650MB 5.25-inch MO drive.
You'll most likely hear from lots of Midwesterners on the goof in reporting of state trees.
"Boy, oh boy, did we goof," New York's Daily News told readers Nov.
If you goof up you have to keep going, which does create some anxiety when you're waiting for the film to come back from the lab.
"We also goof off and try to challenge each other and see who can do better turns.
We have what we call a 'goof scheme.' We have a giant goofy character in our stores.