GOPCGreat Outdoor Provision Company (North Carolina)
GOPCGeneral Out-Patient Clinic
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For instance, GOPC is only 134 kb upstream from ROS1 and the Abbott Molecular FISH 50 telomeric probe (Abbott Molecular, Des Plaines, Illinois) covers both ROS1 and GOPC genes; therefore, a ROS1-GOPC fusion will not create a break-apart signal.
As maintained by the prescription of the dressing materials, community nurses or nurses in GOPC undertook simple dressing change.
There were 18 males and 13 females (31 participants in total), 29 of which were recruited from hospitals and 2 from a GOPC. Among all the important parameters affecting DFU healing, there was no statistical difference among groups with p values between 0.143 and 0.948.
On the basis of aggregated data, we determined that alerts generated from the GOPC network achieved a higher AUWROC and better timeliness than those from the GP network.