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GOPHER[not an acronym] older protocol for transmission of text-based documents (developed at the University of Minnesota, hence the name)
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Through Gopher Asset Management, the company's asset management business, Noah had assets under management of RMB171.1 billion (USUSD 25.5 billion) as of March 31, 2019.
The preserve is a target area because it's inhabited by the northernmost population of gopher tortoises in the country.
Gopher said it believes these acquisitions will position Gopher to establish its mesh network and connect with consumers.
The historic association of the southeastern pocket gopher with the longleaf pine community is well-established (Golley, 1962; Pembleton and Williams, 1978).
The Gopher contested the 2000 Grand National won by Papillon, while The outback Way proved a real money-spinner for Wintle before joining Venetia Williams.
bursarius (TK 185046) were collected by the same Macabee Pocket Gopher trap placed in the same burrow system.
Weinstock and Gallo Family Vineyards for access to property for pocket gopher trapping.
The NR program also carefully considers military training impacts as they support a thriving gopher tortoise population.
Gopher said that the cave in Rosh HaAyin has already provided in recent years several important discoveries, including proof of regular use fire to roast meat and the recycling of tools in prehistoric times.
We caught Spike, Speedy, Nike, and Elvis just sitting in the sun, as if they were in deep concentration about what to do next in the life of a gopher tortoise.
A Gopher driver delivers prescriptions with the order form attached.