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Satisfied by his response, and by his body, the gopls escape the "pain born of separation" (10.
In contrast to the Harivamsa's portrayal, therefore, Krsna's play with the gopls in the Bhagavata Purana is intentionally orchestrated and explicitly purposeful.
Immediately invoking yogamaya also serves to differentiate Krsna's behavior from the ordinary erotic play of impassioned teenagers: to be sure, the gopls -are not even mentioned in the Bhagavata in relation to Krsna's deliberate decision, in sharp contrast to his spontaneous reaction to seeing the adolescent girls in the Harivamsa.
Once Krsna decides to enjoy, he effortlessly attracts the gopls fond of (sexual) pleasures {ratipriyah, 10.
Though some gopls are trapped in their homes, they unite with their lover (jam) in meditation (10.
Although the Bhagavata adds in the same verse that the gopls are 'free from sorrow' (visokd) as they sing about their departed beloved, the text nevertheless portrays their continual suffering when Krsna's messenger-friend Uddhava later comes to Vraja and attempts to console the impassioned gopls with philosophical messages from their lover.
Uddhava sees things differently, however, when he responds to the gopls "ardently longing for a glimpse of Krsna" (krsnadarsanalalasah, 10.
22, moreover, the gopls could potentially become Krsna's legitimate wives, for they are still daughters (darika, 10.
Quite unlike the Harivamsa's gopis, then, the Bhdgavata's gopls are celebrated for their shameless adoration, their constant anxious longing, their intense suffering, and their self-effacing servitude.
The Para-Bhakti of the Gopls in the Rasa-UIa Pancadhyayl.
Though the gopls might press Krsna literally "with their breasts extended from bearing milk," I suggest their breasts are simply full and taut because I read the gvpis as youthful unmarried girls.
What exactly jahur gunamayam deham means, and whether the gopls in question live or die, is unclear.