GOPPGoal-Oriented Project Planning (moderators' association; Belgium)
GOPPGeneral Organization for Physical Planning (Cairo, Egypt)
GOPPGrains and Oilseeds Payment Program (agriculture; Canada)
GOPPGeraldton Organised Primary Producers Cooperative Ltd. (Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia)
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Thus the other three elements which could generate certain annoyance factors (noise & accident hazards) have performed the important stipulations to implement that analysis sufficiently, so it was considered minimum distance of 300 meters (as it is recommended (GAEB, 2000, GOPP 1997) to intensive roads, railways and industrial land use buildings to build any new school.
In partnership with UN Women, GOPP, Cairo and Giza Governorates, local NGOs and community representatives, the project selected the most unsafe areas in the targeted community and started creating open spaces where cultural and sports activities will be implemented.
In April 2014, the BOT contract is expected to be signed with GOPP.