GOPPGoal-Oriented Project Planning (moderators' association; Belgium)
GOPPGeneral Organization for Physical Planning (Cairo, Egypt)
GOPPGrains and Oilseeds Payment Program (agriculture; Canada)
GOPPGeraldton Organised Primary Producers Cooperative Ltd. (Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia)
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El Gazzar was the deputy housing minister, and served as chairperson of the GOPP, under the ministry of housing since 2012.
meter at preparatory schools (GOPP), the really class densities have varied between 0.5 and 1.0 sq.
Gopp since has left Kawasaki, and has established his own company, Martin Gopp Tuning.
UNDP, UN-Habitat, General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP), New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aims to develop the skills and capacities of Egypt's General Organisation for Physical Planning (GOPP) employees in the fields of participatory planning, administration, and implementation to ensure the project's sustainability beyond its duration.
Together with its Egyptian partners, General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP), the New Urban Communities Authority and the technical consultant (Bearing Consultancy), UN-Habitat on Thursday launched the economic assessment of Al Alamein New City.
Furthermore, to monitoring social services provision efficiency, the decentralization measures will empower local communities with decision-making powers in planning, financing and implementing the public services at the local level The Strategic National Development Support Project, signed in October, 2008, will facilitate the long-term cooperation between MoLD, GOPP, MoPIC and MoF with the objective of activating and promoting strategic development planning while institutionalizing a framework that produces Strategic Plans in a participatory manner, and that facilitates their actual implementation.
In partnership with UN Women, GOPP, Cairo and Giza Governorates, local NGOs and community representatives, the project selected the most unsafe areas in the targeted community and started creating open spaces where cultural and sports activities will be implemented.
Categories Type of the cases studies Stakeholders Involved 1st category: Urban expansion (formal and informal) in metropolitan Greater Cairo Region Expansion over agricultural land At national level (GOPP MoLD); at governorate level (Urban Plann
The General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP) at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
The General Organization of Physical Planning (GOPP) plans to upgrade the Heliopolis New Cairo Tram in Egypt.