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GOPSGiga Operations Per Second
GOPSGame of Pure Strategy (Goofspiel)
GOPSGreat Outdoors Palm Springs (Chapter of California Great Outdoors, Inc. )
GOPSGovernor Oil Pressure System (Hymatek, Norway)
GOPSGlobal Outdoor Photographic Society
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Firstly, the CompressGOP traverses the GOP, and each frame in GOP is encoded individually.
(a) Video Methods GOP PSNR (dB) Compression ratio Highway Object-based [18] 35.53 81.18 Region-based [17] 35.38 82.76 Proposed-ST 15 37.30 288.48 Proposed-FFT 37.27 287.29 H.264 37.05 202.14 (b) Videos Methods GOP PSNR (dB) Bit rate (KBPS) Silent Region-based [20] 32.3 398.33 Proposed-ST 20 37.06 330.62 Proposed-FFT 37.05 331.76 H.264 37.01 390.48 Mother-daughter Region-based [20] 37.05 314 Proposed-ST 20 40.50 161.72 Proposed-FFT 40.48 161.80 H.264 40.04 187.87 Table 3: Comparison of 90% confidence interval width for mean of result test parameters.
GOP has increased allocations for highway and energy sectors projects and reduced these for key sectors like water, higher education, health, and railways.
To simulate the video transmission in both directions, UL and DL, the football sequence, encoded in QCIF format, is used, with GOPs consisting of 15 frames, one I-frame and 14 P-frames, having a GOP duration [T.sub.GOP] = 1 s.
A DSP using 28nm process technology and running at 250 MHz is able to process 12 GOPS (12 billion operations per second).
It can execute up to 2 GOPS running at 100 MHz and nominal voltage for more demanding applications; and 20 MOPS at 1 MHz and near threshold voltage for simpler applications with limited computation requirements.
All these are well-accepted procedures today with GOPs and SOPs in plenty, not really known in the 1950s.
Senate GOPs: Obamacare underwater in Michigan, too.
The Democratic game might be called pin the Bush love on the GOPs as frenzied strategists rifle through the archives to find any Bush positive quote uttered by their Republican opponent or more ideally a photo of Bush giving their opponent a little affectionate noogie Take just one example of the genre Its not enough that George Bush is going in January of 2009," fumed funnyman-turned-Minnesota-Senate-candidate A1 Franken His enablers have to go with him and top on that list is [Senator and Franken opponent] Norm Coleman (Other Minnesota Democrats have been less civil nick-naming Coleman Bushboy)
For all test instances, total 10 GOPs, each of which has a size of 15 frames, are encoded at 30 fps with two reference frames inter prediction.
Enter the GOPs (Guardians of Perseverance) and the DEMOs (Defenders of Eternal Might and Order), philosophical adversaries who unite to save the world!