GOQGenuine Occupational Qualification (employment discrimination legal term; UK)
GOQGeneral Officer Quarters
GOQGovernment of Quebec (Canada)
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In this regard, the GOQ launched a 'Qatarization strategy' designed to increase the number of Qatari nationals in all joint venture industries and government departments to assume important positions formerly occupied by expatriates.
The AML/CFT law includes a provision which authorizes the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NATC), located in the Ministry of Interior, to designate by resolution those who finance terrorism, terrorists and terrorist organizations, independently of lists forwarded to the GOQ pursuant to UNSCRs 1276 and 1373.
After losing his case before the Industrial Relations Court, Christie appealed to the High Court, where the majority invoked the GOQ principle and ruled that the age limit was an 'inherent requirement' of the job.
Pour le comite de selection au Quebec, voir la LTJ, supra note 53, art 88 ; Reglement sur la procedure de selection des candidats a la fonction de juge de la Cour du Quebec, de juge d'une cour municipale et de juge de paix magistrat, D 14-2012, (2012) GOQ II, 49A, art 14-29, en ligne: Publications du Quebec <http://www2.publicationsduquebec.
In February 2004, the Government of Qatar (GOQ) passed the Combating Terrorism Law.
(93) Reglement sur la delivrance d'attestations de connaissance de la langue officielle en voe de l'admission aux ordres professionnels et sur certains equivalents a ces attestations, D 1757-93, (1993) GOQ 11, 8895; Gouvernement du Quebec, <<Vivre en Francais--Vos obligations Membres des ordres professionnels Renseignements et conseils>> (14 juin 2011), en ligne : Office quebecois de la langue francaise <http://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/francisation/ordres_prof/ordres.html>.
Le gouvernement du Parti quebecois, au moment de son election en septembre 2012, a adopte un decret de cessation d'effet a l'egard de la plupart des dispositions de la loi : D 924-2012, (2012) GOQ II, 4865.
In October, 2004, the GOQ established a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) known as the Qatar Financial Information Unit (QFIU).
(101) Potable Water Regulation, Alta Reg 277/2003; Drinking Water Protection Act, SBC 2001, c 9 (5th Sess); The Drinking Water Safety Act, SM 2002, c 36; Potable Water Regulation, NB Reg 1993-203; Water Resources Act, SNL 2002, c W-4.01; Waste and Wastewater Facilities and Public Drinking Water Supplies Regulations, NLR 186/2005; Safe Drinking Water Act, SO 2002, c 32 (3d Sess); Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations, PEI Reg EC2004-710; Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water, OC 647-2001, 30 May 2001, (2001) GOQ II, 2641; The Water Regulations, 2002, RRS, c E-10.21, Reg 1, OC 856/2002; Drinking Water Regulation, YOIC 2007/139; Water Supply Systems Regulations, NWT Reg 108/09; Public Water Supply Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-23.
(11) Robert Bourassa, GOQ served as a Liberal Party Premier of Quebec from 1970 to 1976 and from 1985 to 1994.