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GOSGloucester Old Spot (pig breed)
GOSGeospatial One-Stop
GOSGuild of Students (various locations)
GOSGovernment of Swaziland
GOSGlobal Observing System
GOSGovernment of Sudan
GOSGlobal Outsourcing Services (various locations)
GOSGlobal Ocean Sampling (genome project)
GOSGrade Of Service
GOSGovernment of Slovenia
GOSGlasgow Outcome Scale
GOSGrid Object Specification
GOSGlobal Online Service
GOSGrid Operation System
GOSGround Operating System
GOSGame Operating System
GOSGain on Sale (accounting)
GOSGross Operating Surplus
GOSGeneral Operating Support (various organizations)
GOSGalacto-Oligosaccharide (saccharide polymer)
GOSGuarantee of Service (U4EA Group Inc.)
GOSGeneral Officer Symposium (US DoD)
GOSGlobal Observation System
GOSGarritan Orchestral Strings
GOSGeneral Ophthalmic Service (UK)
GOSGate-Oxide Short (semi-conductors)
GOSGuild of Service
GOSGate Operating System (Safegate, Sweden)
GOSGeneral Operating Subject (e-learning)
GOSGlobal Operating System
GOSGrand Orchestre du Splendid (band)
GOSGirlfriend Over Shoulder
GOSGeomagnetic Observing System
GOSGaming Operating System
GOSGraphical Operating System
GOSGalveston Ornithological Society (Texas, USA)
GOSGeneric Output Specifications
GOSGeneralized Order Statistic
GOSGovernment Owned Software
GOSGlobal Ozone Sensor
GOSGroup Operating Service
GOSGeneral Overhaul Specification
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The CET allowance will be paid direct to the bank account of the GOS contractor who has been nominated to sign the form.
Several studies have shown that GOS supplementation enhances delayed-type hypersensitivity response in murine influenza vaccination model (Vos et al.
In supratentorial location group and patients with lethal outcome, GOS 1-15.
Touchstone COO Franz Forrester said that his company would support the growth of GOS Systems into a leading security solutions provider through organic means and selective acquisitions.
The GOS uses a urine testing machine and three counterdrug-trained canines at the airport to identify suspected drug mules.
The meat from GOS is a dark meat with marbling and a succulent texture.
A los 12 meses del trauma se encontro que 83% de los pacientes estaban neurologicamente normales o muy cercanos a lo normal (GOS de 5); 3% se encontraba con GOS de 4 puntos, y el resto con GOS entre 2 y 3 puntos; 14% de los pacientes fallecieron (Cuadro 2).
The announcement follows months of negotiation between the Scottish Government and the Optometry Scotland GOS committee.
2008), prebiotics GOS and probiotics Bifidobacteria were supplemented in single or combination to the broiler chickens to evaluate the effects on performance and microbial populations.
BIOLIGO GL 5700 IMF is made from food-grade lactose; it is in the form of a syrup and contains a minimum of 57% GOS (dry basis).
The GOS ability to identify, apprehend, and prosecute narcotics traffickers is inhibited by its chronic lack of resources, limited law enforcement capabilities, inadequate legislation, drug-related corruption of the police and military, complicated and time-consuming bureaucracy, and overburdened and under-resourced courts.
GOS and Jon were the men in demand on the Big Brother outright market yesterday, writes Phil Agius.