GOSATGreenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (Japan)
GOSATGerman Observational Study of Adult Twins (University of Bielefeld)
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Aben, 2013: Reduced carbon uptake during the 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer from GOSAT.
With its sensors, GOSAT can detect minute changes, including shifts as small as one part per million--a difference of one one-millionth.
GOSAT was launched in January 2009 and has been collecting total column amounts of major greenhouse gases, particularly C[O.
Since 2009, Earth scientists have been preparing for OCO-2 by taking advantage of observations from the Japanese GOSAT satellite.
As a result of the Kyoto Protocol signed at COP3 in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, the Mitsubishi Electric-built IBUKI, also known as GOSAT, was launched as the world's first satellite dedicated to greenhouse gas observations in January 2009.