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GOSPLANGosudarstvennyi Komitet Planirovaniya (Russian: State Planning Committee of the Communist Russian Government)
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* "Spectrum Management: Property Rights, GOSPLAN, Markets, and the Commons," by Gerald R.
aasta koondplaan kinnitamisele, muutis NSV Liidu Gosplan selles 300 naitajat pohjendusega, et Ukraina Ministrite Noukogu ei olnud koikide tingimustega arvestanud ja oli seetottu kalkuleerinud 1958.
"Gosplan is in charge of long-term and current planning on a national scale, and it also controls the progress made in the fulfilment of economic plans, especially with regard to the main indicators, and prepares measures to avoid the emergence of disproportions." (11,12)
These seven are Vera Pavlovna's Ninth Dream (although within a dream, its events are still experienced as magical, as the dreaming nineteenth-century heroine predicts exact details of Soviet and post-Soviet reality), Mid-Game (here, boundaries between genders and social roles are as blurred as those between "reality" and chess), Sleep, Prince of Gosplan, News from Nepal, The Tambourine of the Upper World, and A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia.
In the transition period following dissolution of the Soviet Union, in swift succession, the CPSU was abolished and banned as a party; the State Planning Committee (Gosplan), responsible for the Soviet Union's "Five Year Plans," was dismantled; the KGB shut down and a reorganized Federal Security Bureau established.
The demand was replaced by planning authorities (GOSPLAN in Soviet Union).
Gosplan, the Soviet planning commission, controlled production and investment decisions.
That was normal." So Michael became an economist for GOSPLAN, the central planning agency.