GOSRGerman Open Snooker Ranking
GOSRGreat October Socialist Revolution
GOSRGovernment of the Slovak Republic
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The GOSR should implement formal AML/CFT supervision of currency exchange houses.
If year-to-year economic growth in 1989 is slightly less than the nearly 4 percent attained in 1988, GOSR are likely to increase about 6 1/2 percent.
In the absence of new legislative actions, GOSR is likely to increase about 7 1/2 percent (assuming economic growth of somewhat less than the almost 3 percent attained in 1987 and inflation of around 4 percent).
Legislative actions in 1986 lowered personal income taxes $2 1/2 billion and increased sales taxes $1 billion, thus slowing the increase in GOSR by one-half of a percentage point.
In addition to the usual uncertainties about the pace of economic activity, the uncertainties about Federal grants-in-aid and the State-by-State response to the effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on GOSR (primarily State) are especially important.
If economic growth for 1987 remains around 2 1/2 percent, and in the absence of effects from legislative actions, GOSR would increase around 7 percent.
GOSR increased 6-1/2 percent, and grants increased 5-1/2 percent, compared with 11-1/2 and 8-1/2 percent, respectively, in 1984.
The net effect of legislative changes in 1985 was to reduce the increase in GOSR.
The 1983 recovery in State GOSR was centered in income and sales taxes, which account for about three-quarters of total GOSR.
Unlike the States, however, localities experienced strong GOSR growth.
GOSR requires a design team with expertise in this specific project.
The Village of Saugerties is applying for Community Development block Grant-Disaster Recovery ( CDBG-DR ) funds from the New York State Governors Office of Storm Recovery ( GOSR ) NY Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR ) Program for the design and construction of the Water Supply Protection: Supplemental Source Exploration for the Village of Saugerties.