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GOSSIPGadget-Obsessed, Status Symbol-Infatuated Professionals
GOSSIPGround Observation Special Support Intelligence Program
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He seemed to meditate for a moment, and then resumed: "Gossip Tourangeau, since that is your name, turn your head, you will find my reply already written on the wall."
"Nay, gossip," said the barber, "for this that I have here is the famous 'Don Belianis.'"
What chiefly worries me is the fear of gossip. Goodbye, little angel.
From reading he passed to sleeping, from sleeping to gossip in drawing rooms of the Club, from gossip to carousals and women; from carousals back to gossip, reading, and wine.
"To put a stop to all the nasty gossip of the beach.
"What wicked gossip were you talking over there?" asked Betsy.
"Of course, it's not right to talk MEAN gossip, but the harmless kind doesn't hurt.
"But I have no money, gossip. Let me go after that vile bag-o'-bones, and I'll soon get it out of him."
She believed him to be heartless, selfish, and misguided, but she knew that he was not the loud, coarse, sensual, and ignorant brawler most of her mother's gossips supposed him to be.
It was all very well to say that he was devoted to his profession, and that he had neither time nor inclination to pick up fragments of gossip at dinner-parties and balls.
As to gossip, you know, sending him away won't hinder gossip.
Several of the women stopped their gossip long enough to cast curious looks upon our friends, but immediately they would turn away with a laugh or a sneer and resume their chatter.