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GOTEGreater of Two Evils
GOTEGathering Of The Elite
GOTEGone Over The Edge (gaming clan)
GOTEGoal, Obstacle, Tactics, Expectation (acting theory)
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8) daz ich in tiuscher rede daz puoch praehte her ze wege, daz ez alle mugen lesen, die gotes chint wellen wesen.
Where had GOTE been during the four decades of our marriage?
In these 17 patients, MTHFR 1298 heterozy- gote mutation was found in 5 patients, MTHFR 1298 homozygote mutation was found in two patients, MTHFR 677 heterozygote mutation was found in two patients, MTHFR 677 homozygote mutation was found in two patients, compound heterozygo- sity for MTHFR 1298 and MTHFR 677 was found in 3 patients.
(30) Gote Hedenquist, in The Church and the Jewish People (London: Edinburgh House Press, 1954), offers a collection of Jewish and Christian perspectives, meant as a preparation to Evanston, but this publication could not prevent its failure in respect to Judaism.
Accordingly, degradation of the oligosaccharides from the soybean-based products by [alpha]-galactosidase could be an efficacious tool to solve the nutritional problem (Ghazi et al., 2003; Gote et al., 2004; Falkoski et al., 2009).
In Israeli cinema, the character parallel to Sobchak is Gote (15) from the film Metzitzim (1972), (16) played by its director Uri Zohar.
Heterojen bir grup olan kornea distrofileri sendromik veya izole olabilir ve korneanin hangi katmanlarinin tutulduguna gote siniflanir.
Each year in Normandy the French Confrrie des Chevaliers du Gote Boudin (or Brotherhood of Knights of Blood Sausage Tasting) holds an annual contest of international blood sausage specialities.
GOTE Gear (360) 993-2247
According to Byron Gote, BP's Chief financial officer, "good progress has been made on complex and technically difficult taxation issues".
These interferences prove that Gote Klingberg's observation about purification of children's literature is correct.