GOTMGame of the Month
GOTMGotree Machine (genes)
GOTMGeneral Ocean Turbulence Model (marine science)
GOTMGrand Orient Traditionnel de Méditerranée (French: Grand Orient of Traditional Mediterranean)
GOTMGallery of the Mind
GOTMGooris on the Macleay (Australia)
GOTMGeocacher of the Month (Nevada Geocaching)
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The big Texas credit union is branding the joint mobile solution as GOTM and GoDeposit and said the rollout phase supports native iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and smartphone support, as well as SMS texting and a Web browser.
Currently, EYP includes GOTM for male students and Young Women Scholars for female students, both for preschool through 12th grade and both aimed at students who have demonstrated either a need or a desire to improve their academic and social performance.
In a vintage month for GOTM, Sporting Odds make Nobby Solano's lovely strike for Villa against Spurs in a live Monday night clash their 4-1 favourite, but Ladbrokes unbelievably dismiss the Peruvian with a 16-1 quote.