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GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard (Oregon Tilth; Salem, OR)
GOTSGovernment Off-The-Shelf
GOTSGovernment Off the Shelf
GOTSGoal of the Season
GOTSGame of the Show (gaming expos)
GOTSGeneral Occupational/Technical Studies (academic degree)
GOTSGross Opportunity To See
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The GOT analysis shows, on average, value performs roughly 3 percent better than growth.
Implementation of a third-party sustainability standard like GOTS can also serve as an early warning system for potential problems.
GotS is an open source PHP and MySQL program that must be installed on a web server before tutorials can be created.
GOTS products are often the result of COTS products extended, expanded and upgraded under government funding to operate in new and changing environments.
At six-week follow up of 30 of 51 randomized GoTS participants, the research showed a significant improvement in insomnia compared to the control group..
The whole NIAP certification process is designed to provide confidence in the ability of commercial devices to secure communications commensurate with NSA-certified GOTS products.
CONTACTS: SFC,; FSC,; GOTS,; Eco-Friendly Modern Living,; Furnature,; InMod,; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams,; SmartDeco,; Southcone,; Viesso,
Woven of the finest fibers, the Paradise Terry Bathrobe is made in Turkey with 60% Egyptian cotton and 40% bamboo using Certified Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS).The robe is surprisingly lightweight, so it dries easily, with the bamboo being employed as an antimicrobial to help prevent mil dew, particularly in more humid climates.
It's IMO and GOTS certified, machine washable, made with fair wages and fair labor, and, of course, reusable!
This is how it would read: "De Assembly gots'ta be able t'make laws on all matters in de 20 subject areas it gots powers fo', widout needin' de UK Parliament's agreement.
They have now gots to maintain focus and prepare themselves for the National Finals.Although there is an aspect of fun, the reason for the event is to demonstrate the skills that are put into practice on a daily basis."
At the Teen Choice Award show, comedian Dane Cook cracked a joke about Vanessa Hudgens and said, "Girl, you gots to keep your clothes!