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GOTTGovernment of Trinidad and Tobago
GOTTGalactic Organisation of Trade & Tariffs (Kiddy Grade Anime television series)
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When it thunders, the April baby says, "There's lieber Gott scolding those angels again." And once, when there was a storm in the night, she complained loudly, and wanted to know why lieber Gott didn't do the scolding in the daytime, as she had been so tight asleep.
I was glad it was only kittens this time, for she had been once before this afternoon on purpose, as she informed me, sitting herself down on the grass at my feet, to ask about the lieber Gott, it being Sunday and her pious little nurse's conversation having run, as it seems, on heaven and angels.
When I was collecting dose liddle monkeys-it was in '79 or '80, und I was in der islands of der Archipelago-over dere in der dark"-he pointed southward to New Guinea generally-"Mein Gott! I would sooner collect life red devils than liddle monkeys.
Herr Gott! I haf seen dot beast throw himself back in his chair and laugh when Bertran haf made fun of me.
"Mein Gott, den, vat a vool you bees for dat !" replied one of the most remarkable voices I ever heard.
JAWOHL BEI GOTT! his voice is WUNDERSCHO"N in that past time."
"Gott in Himmel, vot for haf you brought me to a place like dis?
"Gott, wie naiv!"* said he angrily, after he had gone a few steps.
He read something intently, groaning to himself, "Mein Gott! Mein Gott!
"Ach, mein Gott! It is good angels come to us!" said the poor woman, crying for joy.
A tall, bird-like young man with a small head, a long nose, and very pale hair, with his hands full of things like shaving-strops, boot-trees, hair-brushes, and toilet tidies, was saying things about Gott and thunder and Dummer Booteraidge as Bert entered.
"But he haf der beautiful body--ach, Gott, der beautiful body!-- stronger as der ox, k-vicker as der tiger-cat, der head cooler as der ice-box, der eyes vat see eferytings, k-vick, just like dat.