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GOTVGet Out The Vote (voter registration campaign)
GOTVGathering of the Vibes (music festival)
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org is able to do is innovative and unique in the field, normally you can't redirect GOTV resources this quickly to deal with problems," remarks Brad Schenck, Vote.
I have no doubt that we will be able to match and exceed the Democrat's GOTV effort.
Much of this GOTV effort is not being mounted for any candidate, just against Ahmadi-nejad.
But here's the rub: Green and Gerber look at robo calls somewhat in isolation, emphasizing only their GOTV role and underplaying the efficacy of automated persuasion calls.
It is also a signally important challenge to portions of the political-consulting industry, most particularly those consultants whose GOTV campaigns rely on recorded phone calls, paid phone bankers, or typical direct mail.
This provision of the law, known as the "Levin Amendment," was added to address Congressional Black Caucus concerns regarding party support for needed party-building activities such as voter registration and GOTV.
The list will be distributed free to local, state, and national groups doing GOTV work on behalf of gays and lesbians, "We are giving it away to those people who are going to do this work," says Hardy-Garcia, "It's not going to be sold to a company so people can get video catalogs, It's going to be used for the fight for our equal rights.
Dean's strategy and ACT's demise will make this year's GOTV campaign less centralized, and smaller, than it was in 2004.
This tactic might seem mundane, but there is some proof that traditional GOTV efforts can increase youth voter turnout.