GOTYGame of the Year
GOTYGreyhound of the Year (dog racing)
GOTYGear of the Year (Maximum PC Magazine)
GOTYgetting older, thinking younger
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Abrak also said that the release of the GOTY Edition of "Hitman" 2016 was IO Interactive's way of showing appreciation for all its fans and players that have continued to support the game.
As with most GOTY reboots, if you've already played the first release, the extra content probably won't be enough to commit a second time, but if you missed out first time round, it's an essential purchase.
Then there is the very popular "Unreal" series which evolved from just Unreal in 1998 into Unreal Tournament 1999, releasing the GOTY award (Game Of The Year) in 2000 to the recent most Unreal Tournament III which launched in 2007.
Meanwhile, in the charts this week, Lego Batman 2, London 2012 and The Amazing Spider-Man held on to their respective gold, silver and bronze positions, while Dead Island: GOTY Edition nudged up one place from five to four.
Dead Island: GOTY Edition was the week's highest new entry at five, sending FIFA 12 spinning two places down to seven.