GOUMGovernment of the Union of Myanmar
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Medical records of all patients who were admitted to the Sayad Shirazi Hospital, affiliated to GoUMS, between August 23, 2015, and August 22, 2016, were manually screened for a confirmed discharge diagnosis of stroke (International Classification of Diseases, Revision 10 (ICD 10) codes in the categories of I60, I61, I62, I63, and I64).
(14) That left Lyautey 28 battalions of the Legion, the Battalion D'Afrique (or Bat D'Af), Senegalese, Moroccans, and Goums, respectively.
"German soldiers sprawled and twisted and screamed, but the bulk pressed forward and the fighting resolved into hand grenade encounters, with pistols and rifle butts employed freely." Air strikes were eventually required to silence the booming German batteries that had stopped yet another advance by the 26th, the 39th, and the attached French Moroccan 4th Tabor of Goums.
36 male adult, 6-8 weeks albino Wistar rats were purchased from pasture institute (Tehran, Iran) and transferred to animal laboratory at Gorgan University of Medical Sciences (GOUMS).
The Germans would then parachute in two regiments, to be opposed mainly by faithful Berbers in goums, later a redoubtable Free French force in Tunisia and Italy, but not strong enough for this potential task.
The main Allied assault was under the command of the Free French, who were to use the 9th Colonial Infantry, mainly consisting of Sengalese troops, French commandos and Moroccan soldiers called Goums.
The animals were obtained from the GOUMS Animal Services.
Quoted in Jean Saulay's Histoire des Goums Marocains, Paris: La Koumia, 1985, p.34.
Maghraoui focuses on the Moroccan "Goums," "Tirailleurs," and "Spahis" soldiers who fought in the French army, as colonial institutions that were created respectively in 1908, 1911, and 1912.
Goums were locally recruited rural gendarme units at first; the word has Arabic roots.
One can hardly be surprised to learn of, say, antipathies in Andalucia towards North African immigrants when one recalls what the Goums brought over by General Franco during the Spanish Civil War did to the local population.
The article in this issue by Driss Maghraoui on the Moroccan Goums is another place we can apprehend the shared history of colonialism.