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GOVAGovernor's Office of Veterans Affairs (Ohio)
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Several scholars write about the ethnic divisions that characterise this region, and the apparent lack of interest on the part of the government to address underlying issues that trigger divisions in this region (Gova and Ndlovu 2013, Eppel 2006, Machakanja 2010, Sachikonye 2011b).
The GOVA market is expected to grow in 2014 as more companies begin to offer this product, IRI said.
At the outset, GOVA is made up exclusively of nine top "multichannel networks" (MCNs).
He wrote, quoting the Indian who translated for him the 'Natives are not allowed' sign from English into broken Kiswahili (a language facility which Bajuma amusingly reproduced in parody), '"Senzi [mshenzi; an uncivilized person, referring to an African] doesn't have permission, Zungu [European] yes, Gova [Goan] yes, Hindi [Indian] yes, Bonyani [banyani; Hindu shopkeeper] yes even Arab,"' but the African 'is forced to return home'.
We thank M Villet from Rhodes University for identifying the fly specimens, and A Gova who worked tirelessly to ensure that the maggots survived in the laboratory.
ANA Government Affairs (GOVA) has a seat at the table in discussing the current health care reform measures before Congress.
Promote WNA's Government Affairs (GOVA) Program that address polices related to Patient Advocacy.
The third level is in the Empire of Gova. Matt appears in a cornfield and is soon surprised by two grotesque lizard-like creatures, 8-feet tall, with extending tongues that paralyze on contact; the Vorgs are a formidable enemy.
He does actually translate correctly his finjava mistranscription of Rotz's fin de jaua, at the eastern end of Rotz's Lytil Jaua, but comments that 'The Gova [sic, i.e.