GOWAGod of War: Ascension (gaming)
GOWAGovernment of Wales Act
GOWAGuild of Women Achievers (Mysore, Karnataka, India)
GOWAGeorgia Onsite Wastewater Association, Inc
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A plot has been hatched to kick out Kenya Ferry Service MD Bakari Gowa.
The book thus begins with a perspective that places Buton in the dynamics of its economic and political relations with three 'giants': Ternate, Gowa, and the VOC (that is, the Dutch) (Chapter 1).
We examine here a pair of texts containing descriptions of Makassarese politics from outside the perspective of Gowa, Makassar's dominant power and the architect of the 'official' chronicles that dominate studies of the region's history.
We wanted to replace them with ramps, but because of some financial challenges and concerns for safety of our users, we have opted for the repairs," said Mr Gowa.Earlier, KFS had planned to put up ramps at a cost of Sh600 million which would allow vehicles to use the channel which is now used only by pedestrians.
Gowa said the outcome of the probe being supervised by the ministry of transport would be released by next week.
But preceded with by fill the questionnaire that has been ready with the purpose to measure the knowledge of 25 cow breeders as analysis unit or it is called free test, and then practiced to make fermented feed or complete by 25 cow breeders that get accompaniment from Animal Husbandry Faculty Hasanuddin University trainers in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province.
The purpose of this study is to examine the diversity pattern of serotype virus disease dengue hemorrhagic fever from endemic area in South Sulawesi, specifically Makassar, Maros, and Gowa region, using real-time-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method.
Research was conducted on Inter-City National Road of Malino Main, the segment of Gowa Malino Main Km.
Li, "The GOWA operator based approach to multiattribute decision making using intuitionistic fuzzy sets," Mathematical and Computer Modelling, vol.
(5) See for example, Michael Buehler and Paige Tan, "Party-Candidate Relationships in Indonesian Local Politics: A Case Study of the 2005 Regional Elections in Gowa, South Sulawesi Province", Indonesia 84 (October 2007): 41-69.
A number of studies directly or indirectly discuss the alliance behavior of states and the influence of indirect relations on direct relations (Christensen and Snyder 1990; de Mesquita 1981; Farber and Gowa 1997; Waltz 1979).