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GPACGreat Plains Athletic Conference
GPACGeneral Plan Advisory Committee
GPACGatekeeper Policy Advisory Committee
GPACGender Public Advocacy Coalition
GPACGreen Party of Alameda County (California)
GPACGive Peace A Chance (Coalition; Washington, DC)
GPACGermantown Performing Arts Center (Germantown, TN)
GPACGreater Pittsburgh Arts Council (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
GPACGeneral Purpose Analog Computer
GPACGlobal Programme of Action Coalition
GPACGauteng Plan of Action for Children (South Africa)
GPACGraduate Policy Administration Community (University of Southern California)
GPACGuilderland Performing Arts Center (New York)
GPACGeneral Plant Advisory Committee
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In connection with these latest investments, Global Partner Sponsor I LLC, the sponsor of GPAC has agreed to assign to the investors an aggregate of 3,750,000 warrants that were issued to the Sponsor in a private placement in August 2015.
GPAC's units began trading on The NASDAQ Capital Market on July 30, 2015 and its securities trade on NASDAQ under the ticker symbols GPAC, GPACW and GPACU.
GPAC 2013 also invites eminent speakers to share their ideas to help with an in-depth understanding on policy and fiscal incentives.
During the day the students and teachers attended a technical and dress rehearsal at GPAC.
According to the GPAC (2006), since 1997, more than 166 major U.
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Afterwards, Furukawa will acquire GPAC of China, a manufacturer of wire harness.
There is no specific guideline or policy produced by the GPAC regarding prenatal diagnosis or genetic counseling.
Un estudio sobre los gastos de capital en el abatimiento de la contaminacion (GPAC, por sus siglas en ingles) para las industrias estadounidenses a principios de los anos noventa encontro que, para la mayoria de las industrias, los GPAC representaron menos de 5 por ciento de los gastos de capital totales (Jaffe et al.
NASDAQ: GPAC) has entered into a definitive agreement with a consortium of investors who have agreed to acquire an aggregate of USD 25m of shares of common stock of GPAC through open market purchases, private purchases and private placements, the company said.
Under the terms of the letter of intent, GPAC and Purple intend to enter into a definitive agreement, pursuant to which GPAC would acquire Purple based on an enterprise value of $1.
The City of Germantown seeks to retain the services of an architectural firm to provide design services and construction administration for a new outdoor entertainment venue to be located on the North of GPAC at 1801 Exeter Road, within the Citys Municipal/Business District.