GPAMGuinea Pig Alveolar Macrophages
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RT-PCR was performed using Roche FastStart DNA Master HybProbe (Roche) and Taqman primers and probes for fatty acid synthase (FASN; Hs01005622), glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAM; Hs0157368), solute carrier family 2, member 1 (GLUT1, also known as SLC2A1; Hs0089268), Solute Carrier Family 2, member 4 (GLUT4, also known as SLC2A4; Hs00168966), Solute Carrier Family 2, member 5 (GLUT5, also known as SLC2A5; Hs0016172), adiponectin (Hs00605917), leptin (Hs00174877), and interleukin 6 (IL6; Hs00985639) obtained from Life Technologies.
The kinetics of GPAM and FASN mRNA levels were concordant with the GLUT4 transporter mRNA levels (and the faster development of lipid droplets) in fructose containing media.
miR-27a RXRa, ABCA1, FASN, RXRa, ABCA1, FASN, SREBP1, SREBP2, SREBP1, SREBP2, PPAR[alpha], PPAR[alpha], PPAR[gamma] ApoA1, PPAR[gamma] ApoA1, ApoB100, ApoE3 ApoB100, ApoE3 miR-27b PPAR[gamma], ANGPTL3, miR-27b is predicted to NDST1, GPAM target 27 mRNAs involved in lipid metabolism; targets in the second column have already been validated.
GPAM = grade point averages in major courses in a college curriculum.
Nonetheless, students in the humanities show higher GPAM than do their counterparts in business and engineering.
For engineering students, there is a positive correlation between an average grade in mathematics courses and GPAM. Also, older students earn higher grades in their major field than do younger ones.
ACSS1, ACSS2, ADFP, CD36, FABP3, FASN, GPAM, INSIG1, LPL, SCD5, SPTLC1, SREBF1, and XDH had higher mammary expression over skin or muscle; ADFP, FASN, GPAM, LPL, SREBF1, and XDH showed preferential expression during adulthood and, hence, was considered most likely to be differentially expressed during milk fat synthesis.
GPAM, with more than 2% of all transcripts studied, was the only one of five genes involved in triacylglycerol synthesis found to be overexpressed (>10-fold increase).
For this purpose, 20 mL of GPAM broth was added to 100-mL Erlenmeyer flasks, autoclaved (1.5kg/[cm.sup.2] pressure and 120[degrees]C for 20min.), and cooled.
We found no difference in the hepatic expression levels of genes related to TG synthesis (GPAM, DGAT1, and DGAT2) between bulls and steers.
Isolation of bacteria: Several rhizobacteria were isolated using glucose peptone agar media (GPAM).