GPB1Generalized Pseudo-Bayesian Estimator of Order 1
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Following the order from the most negative part of F1 to the most positive, the first pates to appear are GPB1 and SPB1, characterized by its higher colour values (browner) given that the vector representing this sensory trait directs towards them; then SOO1 and GOO1, then SPB3 and GPB3, and finally SOO3 and GOO3.
The intermediate values were 6.9[+ or -]0.4 (SPB3), 6.9[+ or -]0.4 (SPB1), 7.0[+ or -]0.4 (SOO3), 7.1[+ or -]0.4 (GPB1), 7.2[+ or -]0.4 (gOO3), 7.3[+ or -]0.2 (GOO1).
Heneage and Hitchcock will reportedly receive a year's salary as well as benefits and consultancy fees of over GPB1,000 per day for up to six months of work.