GPCEGenerative Programming and Component Engineering
GPCEGeneral Practitioner Conference and Exhibition (Australia)
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(2013) demonstrated that past track forecast errors can be separated into terciles based on their corresponding GPCE value and that track forecast errors in the low (high) terciles tend to correspond to less (more) spread in forecast errors.
In addition, it is not surprising that the power outage predictions for Hurricane Katrina had less spread than for Ivan and Dennis because Katrina had the lowest GPCE value.
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Kuwait is one of the participants at the GPCE 2012 currently being held at the Hilton Resort.
However, an RTE report from March quoted on the GPCE's website stated the 300 jobs "have been promised at a new pharmaceutical research and development centre in Co Kerry".
FeatureC++: On the Symbiosis of Feature-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Programming, GPCE '05: In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering, Springer, pp.