GPCIGeographic Practice Cost Indices (factor used in pricing medical services)
GPCIGeneral Patent Corporation International (Suffern, NY)
GPCIGraphics Processor Command Interface
GPCIGeographical Physician Cost Index (US FEMA)
GPCIGrant Professional Certification Institute
GPCIGrand Prix Club International
GPCIGlobal Parasite Control Initiative (various nations)
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The GPCI is a comprehensive report published by Japanese organization The Mori Memorial Foundation each year.
"Dubai and Buenos Aires make their first-ever appearances in the GPCI in 2017 with respective comprehensive rankings of No 23 and No 40, respectively.
Dubai and Buenos Aires made their first-ever appearances in the GPCI in 2017 with respective overall rankings of 23rd and 40th.
Moreover, as we stated, "[S]eeing 'creolization' in this fashion requires a vision of such torn experiences as "liminal states" and a "limbo gateway," burdened with the possibilities that spatial thresholds offer for experiencing liminal transformation" (GPCI pg.
Further, the coefficient of GPCI (growth in per capita income) is found positive and significant.
The GPCI report evaluates and ranks 44 cities according to their "magnetism," or their overall power to attract creative individuals and enterprises from around the world.
From both the tests, it is evident that economic growth proxied by real GDP per Capita (GPCI), growth of private fixed capital formation (GPFCF), growth of current expenditure (GCEX) and growth of development expenditure (GDEX) are stationary at level, while tax to GDP ratio (TGDP) and government size (GSIZE) become stationary at first difference.
In sum, the input price index is .186 + (.528* Wage) + (.286* GPCI) This constitutes one possible location factor as well as the deflator for expenditures as the dependent variable in the regression analysis.
Geographic variation in the cost shares was found to add little to the variation in practice costs for the current GPCI being used in the new Medicare fee schedule.
(1) To this end, the MFS includes a Geographic Practice Cost Index (GPCI) to adjust for differences in practice costs across localities.
RVUs vary in different parts of the United States because they are adjusted in accordance with the Geographic Practice Cost Index (GPCI).