GPCIGeographic Practice Cost Indices (factor used in pricing medical services)
GPCIGeneral Patent Corporation International (Suffern, NY)
GPCIGraphics Processor Command Interface
GPCIGeographical Physician Cost Index (US FEMA)
GPCIGrand Prix Club International
GPCIGrant Professional Certification Institute
GPCIGlobal Parasite Control Initiative (various nations)
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Dubai and Buenos Aires made their first-ever appearances in the GPCI in 2017 with respective overall rankings of 23rd and 40th.
We believe that our GPCI report can help policy makers and global companies achieve smarter planning and decision-making in their efforts to thrive in today's highly competitive global environment.
Rural physicians (more generally those in low-cost areas) are given preferential treatment relative to urban physicians under the Medicare fee schedule, primarily through the alterations made to the physician work GPCI.
The RVU and GPCI are determined through a series of calculations based on parameters provided by professional committees convened by the CMS.
Additional research would be needed on the extent to which the GPCI could be used to achieve efficient pricing in local markets.
The three GPCIs correspond to the three components of a Medicare fee: physician work, practice expense, and malpractice expense.
Eliminating the GPCI and easing the bureaucracy associated with MIPP are two reasonable, practical remedies that can make Medicare policy more consistent, improve access for Medicare beneficiaries, and begin to fairly reimburse physicians for caring for Medicare patients in rural and underserved areas.
The GPCI has the advantage of focusing on a constant basket of physician practice inputs.
However, Camille Reaud, director of GPCI, a programmer of art and independent cinemas, insists, "Within a very short time, independent cinemas are going to perish.
We use the full GPCI to more fully measure geographic differences in costs.
If the cost of living in your geographic area is exactly the same as the national average, your GPCI is 1.