GPCLGtk Pattern Creation Lab
GPCLGeneral Press Colors Ltd. (Addison, IL)
GPCLGlobal Product Compliance Laboratory (Murray Hill, NJ)
GPCLGuangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. (China)
GPCLGeneral Purpose Closed Loop
GPCLGeneral Purpose Computer Language (programming language)
GPCLGraha Pratama Cipta Lestari (Indonesian housing development company)
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"While we have made significant strides in achieving this vision here in the U.S., this exciting strategic global partnership with GPCL provides us with a unique opportunity to better serve the huge number of potential consumers outside the U.S., especially in Africa.
To ensure the best possible product for its customers, GPCL has implemented the most stringent QC procedures for incoming raw materials.
As mentioned in Part III.A, in addition to the two State Council replies, nuclear liability may be based on general rules under the GPCL, the Tort Law, and other environmental acts.
Instead, the decision was taken to complete China's civil system by retaining existing laws, such as the Contract Law, the inheritance Law and the GPCL, which were left in place untouched; and to add the Real Rights Law, the Tort Liability Law and the Law on Application of Laws to Foreign related Civil.
After this acquisition, GPCL is set to be a major player in the home and personal care space in India and will become the second largest household insecticide player in Asia, excluding Japan.
(70.) "Citizens and legal persons who through their fault encroach upon state or collective property or the property or person of other people shall bear civil liability." GPCL, supra note 69, art.
The aim of this project was to evaluate the difference of back-fat thickness before the birth and at the weaning, of it, 656 reproductive sows was used of the following breeds: Duroc, Landrace, Yorfkshire, F1 (Y x L) and F2 (D x YL), in which two measurements of the back fat were taken: one week before the birth and the other one at the weaning to evaluate: breed's effect (R), farrow number (NP), the sow's consumption of food during the lactation (CAL), size of the litter at the weaning (TCD), gain weight of the litter during the lactation period (GPCL) and lactation days (DL), all this related to the difference between back fat at the moment to enter into the farrowing room and at the moment to come out of the farrowing room.
* LumaCure--A revolutionary UV flush from GPCL, LumaCure has all the features ink makers look for in a high quality UV flush, including harder curing to give your ink better rub resistance; fast curing and low misting so the press can run at a higher speed for quicker turnaround times; and higher gloss so your ink formulation delivers a better looking result.
By being independent, GPCL is able to select the highest quality raw materials regardless of its origin.