GPCMGeneral Purpose Chip Select Machine (computing)
GPCMGas Pipeline Competition Model
GPCMGeneralized Partial Credit Model (psychometric model used in item response theory)
GPCMGuideline Public Company Method (business evaluation)
GPCMGeneralized Pulse Code Modulation
GPCMGreat Plains Certified Master (Microsoft software)
GPCMGeneralized Parity-Check Matrix
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Figure 4 shows a comparison of an alternative composite GPCM (black solid curve) with composites labeled BS1 (blue dashed curve) and BS2 (red dotted curve).
The GPCM, developed by Muraki (1992), is used to determine the discriminating power for each set of adjacent choices in a Likert scale.
TABLA 3 PATRON TOTAL DE DESGASTE POR PLACA (EN PORCENTAJES) Guia total Placa Blanda (B) Dura (D) Sin Total placa (S) general GACM 0,00 0,00 1,48 1,48 GADM 0,00 1,48 2,22 3,70 GMCM 7,41 4,44 9,63 21,48 GMDM 24,44[seccion] 24,44[seccion] 17,04 68,15 GPCM 0,74 0,74 2,96 4,44 GPDM 0,74 0,00 0,00 0,74 Exacta de Fisher valor p = 0,039; [seccion] [ji al cuadrado] valor p < 0,05.
(OTCBB: GPCM) and The Creative Coalition ( Art.
Specifically, symmetric versions of the TCC and OCC methods are developed within the context of the generalized partial credit model (GPCM) along with an asymmetric version of the ICC technique.
(OTCBB: GPCM) said that America's legendary television and radio host Larry King will be the spokesperson for the company and its new website that was launched on Grandparents Day (9/9/2012) to serve America's 70 million grandparents.
Warm's weighted likelihood estimate (WLE) compared to maximum likelihood estimate (MLE), expected a posteriori estimate (EAP), and maximum a posteriori estimate (MAP), using the generalized partial credit model (GPCM) and graded response model (GRM) under a variety of computerized adaptive testing conditions.
Social media website for the over-50 crowd (OTCBB: GPCM) said it now has over one million members.
(OTCBB: GPCM) and Geek Squad, Best Buy's (NYSE: BBY) 24-hour tech support task force, have launched attractive member discounts on a subscription program that provides members unlimited nationwide access to Geek Squad services.
Social media website (OTCBB: GPCM) said that over 218,000 new members joined its website in June 2012, following an increase of over 200,000 members in April and May 2012.
(OTCBB: GPCM) provided an interim company update to its shareholders summarizing the company's accomplishments since the company acquired the URL and website operations in February 2012.
(OTCBB: GPCM) said that the American Grandparents Association had been established by the company with the goal of becoming a key resource for "grand families" in which grandparents raise their grandchildren, and to create a forum for grandparents to learn about their legal rights and share their grandparenting challenges and experiences with other grandparents.