GPCPGlobal Precipitation Climatology Project
GPCPGeneralized Post Correspondence Problem
GPCPGlobal Precipitation Chemistry Program
GPCPGeneral-Purpose Computations Using Graphic Processors
GPCPGlobal Product Configuration Process
GPCPGeneral Purpose Collection Position
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The GPCP has been designed specifically to fit the needs of the Qatari SME and entrepreneurial ecosystem, making use of findings from EQ's SME Think Tank Seminar, which was held for the first time on 17 May 2012.
The GPCP and GPCC datasets for the period 1982-2010 and 1951-2010, respectively, are used to assess the uncertainties associated with the observations.
The automation for the GPCP using SWIFT provides visibility into the process, standardization, and forcing function for more than 6,000 purchases and $5.2 million spent annually.
However, in the present climate simulation, accumulated values are higher and continuous in comparison to the GPCP observation; there is also a greater increase in volumes of precipitation at latitudes near 15.0[degrees].
En comparacion con los combinados GPCP se obtiene una alta correlacion y un error de sesgo que representa el 13.2 % del estimado solo por el GCP, no pudiendose realizar un analisis regional debido a la baja resolucion espacial de los combinados GPCP.
The largest, the GPCP, represents the military and technocrats in North Yemen.
Arkin et al., "The Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) Combined Precipitation Dataset," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol.
Campos mensuales de precipitacion medios mensuales (en mm/mes) para Colombia durante el evento La Nina de 1999 --2000, los cuales fueron calculados por Hurtado (2009) a partir de 2.270 estaciones pluviograficas y las bases de datos del NCEP, GPCP, TRMM, GOES.
The data provided by this dataset comes from the Global Precipitation Climate Project (GPCP) version 2.1, which itself is based on a combination of various sources, both ground-based and satellite-borne (Adler et al.
Enterprise Qatar (EQ), an entrepreneurial support body, has announced the first Government Procurement and Contracting Programme (GPCP), reports The Peninsula .
The conference comes as part of EQ's Government Procurement and Contracting Programme (GPCP), which has three pillars -- policy advocacy, matchmaking and access to information tools for SMEs and an SME development plan featuring several services including contract-based finance.