GPCSGlobalProtect Cloud Service (PaloAlto Networks)
GPCSGas-Producer Combustion System (locomotive firebox)
GPCSGet, Post, Cookie, Server (computer programming)
GPCSGreater Portland Christian School (Maine)
GPCSGigabit Physical Coding Sublayer
GPCSGNU Pascal Coding Standards (programming)
GPCSGas Purification Control System
GPCSGlobal Partners for Conservation Stewardship
GPCSGeneral Purpose Conferencing Subsystem
GPCSGlobal Protection Communications System
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El cuestionario se organizo para dar respuesta a las variables relativas al perfil de la enfermera y a medir el grado de adherencia de las recomendaciones extraidas de la GPC KDOQI (13) y la Guia Clinica Espanola del Acceso Vascular para Hemodialisis (14) segun 7 dominios (Tabla 1), que corresponden a asepsia general (items 1-2), antisepsia cutanea (items 3-5), cuidados del cateter (items 6-11), administracion de farmacos (items 12-15), metodologia de puncion (items 16-19) educacion sanitaria (items 20-22) y calidad dialitica (items 23-25).
Change necessitates the communicative labor and work of GPCs. The Anthropocene demands that researchers attend critically to the development of emergent, alternative communicative actions manifest in distinctive public cultures that engage varying biotic loci manifest across the planet.
613 (67.8%) were GNBs and 291 (32.1%) were GPCs. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was the commonest bacteria isolated in 352 (38.9%) cases, followed by S.
Geopolymer Concrete (GPC mix) has two limitations such as delay in setting time and necessity of heat curing to gain strength.
The GM204 is the second generation in the Maxwell architecture and has four GPCs while the GM107 has just the one.
For instance, figures released early in 2013 revealed that [pounds sterling]1.1bn was spent in 2012 using GPCs by 137,000 officials across local and central government.
The Government Procurement Card (GPC) was introduced in 1997 as a way for government bodies to make low-value purchases.
EPA's GPCs surpassed the goal and today are using more than 3.3 billion kWh, equal to preventing the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of more than 284,000 average homes.
The article states that "antimicrobial efficacy of Green Cleaning products has generally not been established in these areas." The reality is that general purpose cleaners (GPCs), green or not, are not designed to be antimicrobials.
Our data allow us to identify two particular types of instruments for further analysis: GPCs (essentially government-issued credit cards) and BPAs.
Furthermore, all of the above projects depended on the acquisition of ground control points (GPCs) from differential GPS (DGPS) surveys of study regions or from modern, orthorectified high-resolution satellite imagery such as IKONOS or QuickBird.