GPDCGeneral Purpose Digital Computer
GPDCGreater Portland Dachshund Club (Portland, OR)
GPDCGuatemala: Politics, Development and the City
GPDCGlobal Product Development Center (Illinois Tool Works Company; Glenview, IL)
GPDCGuardianship Program of Dade County, Inc. (Miami, FL)
GPDCGreen Party of Dallas County (political party; est. 1999; Dallas, TX)
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23, 2010) (noting that a case must be transferred to the GPDC for the appointment of appellate lawyers where the Georgia defendant has been represented by a circuit public defender at trial).
The GPDC admitted that as of January 2010, there were 191 convicted defendants who remained unrepresented after requesting a new appellate attorney, because the GPDC simply refused to assign them attorneys.
(74.) In 2007, Georgia passed legislation that transferred the GPDC from the judicial branch to the executive branch.
Payments made by the Port Authority to GPDC, to be spread over 35-40 years, will support the repayment of up to $284 million in federal loans from the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) Program and/or the Transportation Infrastructure Financing Act (TIFIA) Program.
Total recording time for each patient ranged between 34 and 156 hours, and all EEG data were either recorded with 200Hz sampling rate or downsampled to 200Hz for estimation of GPDC. Supplementary clinical information on the patients is provided in Table 1
The directed coupling between EEG signals from different brain sites was estimated by GPDC. If X(t) = ([X.sub.1](t).....Xn(t)) is the n-dimensional time series created from the recorded EEG signals at n brain sites, each vector component [X.sub.i](t) denotes the EEG signal recorded at the ith recording brain site.
Prior to conducting a multiple regression analysis, a multivariate analysis of variance (p = .05) was computed to determine whether the participants differed by sex and by racial or ethnic group membership regarding the CADC subscales, the GPDC, and their length of stay in the U.S.
A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was then conducted using the GPDC scores as the criterion variable.
It is therefore prepared to allow GPDC some additional time to put its financing in place.
GPDC is a Nigerian company actively exploring and developing oil and gas resources in the Niger Delta and Anambra basins.
The initial step in our method was the estimation of the directed coupling between EEG signals from different brain sites by GPDC. Let X(t) = ([X.sub.1]f), ..., [X.sub.n](t)) be an w-dimensional time series vector representing the recorded EEG signals at n brain sites, with each vector component X i(t) denoting the signal recorded at the i recording site.
GPDC measures the direct effect of process to at frequency as: