GPDMGroup Practice Diabetes Management (clinical study; Canada)
GPDMGaussian Process Dynamical Model
GPDMGlobal Program Development Manager (various organizations)
GPDMGeneral Practice Data Model
GPDMGaussian Plume Dispersion Model
GPDMGeneralized Particle Dynamics Model (software cybernetics)
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With its patented GPDM Monomer, OptiBond eXTRa Universal ensures stronger and more reliable adhesion to tooth structures as well as resin material.
The model includes the effect of the environment on these early life history stages and it is designed to be embedded in a GPDM that runs with longer time steps.
The dual resolution also facilitates the embedding of environmental forcing into generalist models, such as the GPDM for fishery management (Mantyniemi et al., 2015).
Self-adhering flowable composite itself has glycerophosphate dimethacrylate monomer (GPDM) that serves as etching and bonding to the tooth structure so that the addition of acid etching is no longer needed on the use of this flowable composite resin.
Self-adhering flowable composite is able to bind to the surface of the teeth properly without the prior bonding applications because it has glycerophosphate dimethacrylate (GPDM) adhesive monomer and acidic phosphate group.
Self-adhering flowable composite resin-based material technology has the attachment that uses glycerophosphate dimethacrylate (GPDM).
TABLA 3 PATRON TOTAL DE DESGASTE POR PLACA (EN PORCENTAJES) Guia total Placa Blanda (B) Dura (D) Sin Total placa (S) general GACM 0,00 0,00 1,48 1,48 GADM 0,00 1,48 2,22 3,70 GMCM 7,41 4,44 9,63 21,48 GMDM 24,44[seccion] 24,44[seccion] 17,04 68,15 GPCM 0,74 0,74 2,96 4,44 GPDM 0,74 0,00 0,00 0,74 Exacta de Fisher valor p = 0,039; [seccion] [ji al cuadrado] valor p < 0,05.
MaxCem (Kerr Corp., Multifunctional DMAs, GPDM, proprietary Orange, CA, USA) Redox initiators and photo-initiators, barium, fluoroaluminosilicate, and fumed silica (66 wt.%) (2741040).