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GPFGallons Per Flush
GPFGeneral Protection Fault (Microsoft Windows program crash/error)
GPFGeneral Protection Fault
GPFGrid Parameter File
GPFGlobal Philanthropy Forum (California)
GPFGlobal Peace Festival (UK)
GPFGeneral Provident Fund
GPFGovernment Pension Fund
GPFGlobal Policy Forum
GPFGlobal Property Fund
GPFGrosse Pointe Farms (Michigan)
GPFGrand Prix Festival (racing)
GPFGeneral Purpose Force
GPFGame, Fish, and Parks (South Dakota)
GPFGet Paid Forum (online money making forum)
GPFGrande Puissance Filloux (WW II)
GPFGround Processing Facility
GPFGuild of Professional Farriers
GPFGas Proof
GPFGeneral Purpose Facility
GPFGeneralized Production Function
GPFGeneral Programming Forum
GPFGlobal Publications Foundation (Sweden)
GPFGroup Project File
GPFGlobal Programme on Forests
GPFGreen Planet Foundation
GPFGlasnost Public Foundation
GPFGeneralized Performance Factor
GPFGeneralized Patch Format (from GE)
GPFGroove Between Parallel Folds
GPFGeneral Planning Forecast
GPFGeneral Performance Factor
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"During the year 2019-2020, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the GPF and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 7.9 per cent with effect from July 1, 2019 to 30th September 2019.
The value of E&P stocks is more susceptible to oil price swings, and the GPF also cited the record of supermajors in investing in renewable energy, like solar or wind, for hanging on to their shares.
You'll find a wide range of flush volumes available to replace your old urinals, from the federally mandated minimum of 1 gpf down to no water at all.
The sample called "FUL" is from the previous high mileage study [4] and was aged to 150,000 mi on EPA SRC in a TWC+ GPF system.
He said the 3rd GPF reflects the importance of GCC countries, their oil and economic capabilities as key players in international oil markets.
Unlike diesel particulate filter (DPF), limited work has been done to develop fundamental understanding on GPF and its operation within the vehicle system.
Went close late on GIROUD Gpf 8 Great attitude after poor first leg.
He said Radio Pakistan paid 110 million rupees to 425 employees in GPF head during the outgoing year.
Its goal: to create a 6,000 to 8,000-man "general purpose force," or GPF. The deal would, according to an official statement, involve "services for up to 8 years for training, facilities sustainment and improvements, personnel training and training equipment, 637 M4A4 carbines and small arms ammunition, U.S.
To estimate the target position, the Gaussian particle filter (GPF) algorithm [15] is adopted.
With national guidance documents emphasizing SFA, defense leadership has turned to its general purpose forces (GPF) to cover down on a significant portion of SFA requirements around the globe.
There is, however, more promise in the Growing Places Fund (GPF), which is operated by the two Local Enterprise Partnerships, North Eastern and Tees Valley, and the Regional Growth Fund, Round 3 of which was announced last Friday.