GPGAGroupement Professionnel des Golfs Associatifs (French: Group of Professional Golf Associations)
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The first step was to go beyond perceptions about how GPGA operated to actual, data-based practices.
One hundred seven people participated, including GPGA staffers and extended network members from other functional areas, reporting on their working relationships and transactions.
Upon further investigation, it became clear that GPGA operated under the assumption that the headquarters had sufficient expertise and knowledge to be successful without regularly engaging regional or key country staff.
While sticking with a core group was comfortable, the practice posed risks to GPGA since learning, information, and ideas were not shared beyond the core group or aligned with the overall company strategy.
Like the maps for GPGA as a whole, the GreenGrow maps showed that people preferred to work within region for every single activity.
These discussions helped people, especially those who didn't attend the initial in-person global meeting, to see GPGA as a whole.
Johnson was an emerging leader within GPGA. Coen encouraged him to make use of the maps for his own professional development.
As a newcomer to GPGA, Johnson had focused on building expertise as a way to establish himself as a leader.
When Coen joined BCS in 2013, GPGA operated using a headquarters knows best philosophy.
By the time Coen left GPGA in 2015, global, regional, and country public affairs teams engaged more with each other.
Using sequential and integrated steps, Coen intentionally and systematically helped GPGA team members at all levels understand the value proposition for working collaboratively across the regions to increase opportunities to share expertise, solve problems, and enhance innovation.