GPHLGeorgia Public Health Laboratory (clinical testing laboratory; Decatur, GA)
GPHLGreen Pepper Hockey League (Edmonton, Canada)
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The most disturbing points are: 1) power sector arrears climbing to Rs472.7billion, totally to Rs922billion if one adds Rs450 billion already parked in Government Power Holdings, 2) possible retirement of Rs514 billion with a mix of commercial financing (for GPHL and DISCOs) and TFC's issued against payables to IPPs (similar to circular debt resolution plan entered into by PSO in July 2012 for Rs43.8 billion at coupon of 11.5%) and 3) continuation of previously imposed surcharges being enacted through NEPRA, resulting in additional annual collections of Rs59.05billion during FY18 with the majority of funds going towards rationalization surcharge to collect operational cost of DISCOs and tariff setting not covered in the tariff itself, varying across consumer categories and DISCOs.