GPICGulf Petrochemical Industries, Co. (Bahrain)
GPICGeographic Practice Cost Index (Medicare)
GPICGovernment Performance Information Consultants
GPICGigabit Port Interface Controller
GPICGroup Parallel Interference Cancellation
GPICGeneral Purpose Interface Card
GPICGeneral Purpose Intercomputer Test
GPICGumstix Peripheral Interface Card
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GPIC President Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery received the awards, and praised the company for its global achievement in competing with 5,500 companies.
Ndu Ughamadu, in Abuja Tuesday, said the GPIC was established as a subsidiary under the Gas and Power Directorate to enable the corporation monetize the abundant gas resources in the Country for the benefit of the nations economy.
Total profit for the year was $82.4 million, says GPIC president Dr.
He expressed admiration at the advanced level of the Company and appreciated GPIC's outstanding contributions in the field of occupational safety and community development through its various awareness programmes.
Bahrain's Interior Minister, General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, visited the GPIC pavilion during the 13th Professional Development Conference, which was held in Bahrain.
"We are pleased with the success of this programme year after year without any hindrance," said GPIC president Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery.
Angel will acquire GPIC for cash in a transaction valued at approximately USD 110m.
As part of the agreement, GE Oil & Gas will offer the full spectrum of outage turnkey services, spare parts and repairs for the GPIC plant.
The profits are considered an outstanding record achievement and GPIC's close relationship linking Bahrain and shareholders in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have become a successful example of joint GCC cooperation, said the GPIC in a statement.
GPIC has also become one of the first petrochemical companies in the Middle East to have an operational carbon dioxide recovery (CDR) project aimed at cutting down emissions of green house gases by improving the overall efficiency of natural resources and enhancing production of methanol and urea in its complex.
GPIC uses natural gas, which is readily available in Bahrain as a feedstock for the production of 1,200 tons daily of ammonia (400,000 tons per year), 1,700 tons daily of urea (600,000 tons per year) and 1,200 tons of methanol (400,000 tons per year).
Al-Sayed also commended the constant efforts of GPIC President, Dr.