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GPIDGlobal Portable Identification Code
GPIDGrants Pass Irrigation District (Oregon)
GPIDGoals, Processes and Indicators of Development (UN University)
GPIDGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement
GPIDGerman Portal of Irish Dancing (website)
GPIDGlobal Personnel Identification (data security)
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The films summarized below, grouped by distributor and/or filmmaker, were showcased in the GPID Resource Bulletins Fall 2015 "Audiovisuals" column.
GPID's water right for withdrawal at Savage Rapids, but conditioned
the extension on the GPID continuing to operate in a manner consistent
GPID to exercise "due diligence in implementing approved
Although GPID's water right was conditioned on dam removal,
members of the GPID board of directors and water users throughout the
GPID's situation illustrates the dangers of this kind of approach.
(251) As with the GPID situation in Oregon, see supra note 197 and accompanying text, the settlement could be derailed if electrons at the irrigation district change the district's willingness to continue to participate in the process.