GPIEGroup Policy Internet Explorer
GPIEGminny Punkt Informacji Europejskiej (Polish: Municipal European Information Point; Poland)
GPIEGeneral Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion (mathematics)
GPIEGroupe Poullain Ingenierie Electrique (French electrical engineering group)
GPIEGenerator of Pathologically Increased Excitation (hypertension)
GPIEGroup Policy Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
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GPIE is said to be the platform for addressing the critical needs of the polymer industry, including accelerating innovations to market, thereby creating jobs through business growth; leveraging the unique capabilities of the region's supply chain; addressing the shortage of skilled workers available to the polymer industry by introducing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educators to the polymer industry; and identifying prescriptive paths to careers in the polymer industry for veterans, displaced skilled workers and the underemployed.
Workshops and seminars are optional additions to the GPIE conference, and range in price from $350 to $495.
The GPI Exoplanet Survey, or GPIES, is one of two large projects that search for exoplanets directly, by blocking stars' light and photographing the planets themselves, instead of looking for telltale wobbles in the star -- the radial velocity method -- or for planets crossing in front of the star -- the transit technique.
The analysis of the first 300 of more than 500 stars surveyed by GPIES, published June 12 in the The Astronomical Journal, "is a milestone," said Eugene Chiang, a UC Berkeley professor of astronomy and member of the collaboration's theory group.
gpies then introduced Shane Ferguson and Papiss Cisse just after the hour - a move which Pardew had been planning with the game at 1-0.
8-0 to the gpies; 47 Jonathan Edwards; 48 Celtic Manor; 49 Gemma Spofforth; 50 Bradford and Birmingham.