GPIMG&P Institutional Management (Frankfurt, Germany)
GPIMGigabit Port Interface Module
GPIMGrowth Properties Investment Managers, Inc. (Bensalem, PA)
GPIMGlycosyl-Phosphatidyl-Inositol-MAM (Meprin/A5-Protein/PTP(Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase)mu)
GPIMGay People in Medicine (American Medical Student Association)
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During the first three months after launch: To demonstrate the performance of the spacecrafts thrusters, GPIM performs three lowering burns that place it in an elliptical orbit; each time GPIM gets closer to Earth at one particular point in its orbit.
During the first three months, GPIM will be used to perform three lowering burns that place the spacecraft in an elliptical orbit.
The green fuel that will be used for the GPIM was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory in California.
"GPIM additionally affords us an opportunity to test an environmentally-friendly fuel in space for the first time and there's nothing more rewarding than a trailblazing mission."
Guggenheim Partners, the parent company of GPIM, has about $240 billion in assets under management.
The new propellant, known as AF-M315E, could decrease the danger of working with rocket fuel, said Christopher McLean, GPIM principal investigator from Ball Aerospace.
The new JV with GPIM is entering into agreements with Nimr Automotive to transfer the technology and manufacturing know-how needed to assemble and produce two versions of the 4x4 armored vehicles in Algeria.
GPIM.sub.t is the gross perpetual inventory method capital stock in period t;
Under a subcontract from Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Quest Thermal Group LLC will manufacture the new insulation that will fly aboard the 2015 GPIM mission.
Le groupement de la Promotion de l'industrie mecanique (GPIM, Constantine) a su attirer l'interet des visiteurs en exposant le vehicule blinde leger (NIMR) fabrique localement.
A Ball Aerospace satellite used for NASA's Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) is ready for launch, scheduled for no earlier than June 24 on board a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.
(issuer) and NZCG Funding CLO, LLC (co-issuer) comprise an arbitrage cash flow collateralized loan obligation (CLO) that is managed by Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, LLC (GPIM).