GPLSGeorgia Public Library Service (Atlanta, GA)
GPLSGuam Public Library System (est. 1949)
GPLSGlobal Positioning Landing System (Boeing aircraft)
GPLSGuinea-Pig Lung Parenchymal Strip
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The differences of HOV lanes and GPLs in TTV under shoulder incident condition are 29.37% in I-5 South, 85.36% in I-405 North, and 48.54% in I-405 South based on GPLs.
The signing of the MoU will take place this evening, 14th February 2019 during a Media Networking Session at the GPL. The Networking Session is scheduled to engage with media stakeholders ahead of the last Official Opening of the current term (set for 18th February).
Among eight lipid categories defined by LIPID MAPS (, the lipids identified thus far in MTB encompass only six categories: fatty acyls (FAs), glycerolipids (GLs), glycerophospholipids (GPLs), prenol lipids (PLs), polyketides (PKs), and saccharolipids (SLs) [18, 22].
(65) This is because both of the patent licenses included in Apache version 2 and GPL v3 inhibit the use of patents to restrict competition on the commodity software by providing a loss of patent rights to any licensee that instigates a patent suit alleging a patent claim is infringed by the program to which the license is applied.
(7) These were invariably members of but two precise chemical structural entities: the so-called glycopeptidolipid (GPL) class, very characteristic of members of the M.
Many firms that offer commercial solutions based on open source also make available GPL or "community" editions.
Copyleft agreements and GPLs are not replacements for any copyright that exists on the original work.
81 (2000) (arguing that GPLs are enforceable non-exclusive licenses).
The printed results include a message indicating the reason for termination, an approximation XPLS to the solution [x.sub.*], the function value at XPLS, and the gradient vector GPLS. The package provides an additional means for the control of output via the variable MSG.
This necessitates keeping the majority of the general purpose lanes (GPLs) open during most daytime periods, and the relocation of certain existing infrastructure.
By federal law, the funeral price lists--called GPLs, or general price lists--are available to anyone who requests them, and many homes will have them sitting out near the entry way.
PINES is a consortium of 252 public libraries in the state, managed by the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS).